Why are we doing this?

We enjoy visiting FWB churches across America plus we frequently meet people in, or have friends move to, other states and we would love to recommend a great church in their area. Even if we had access to the yellow pages or other printed phone directory for that area, a good website provides so much more information and an immediate connection.

With over 70% of Americans going to the internet first or using it as a major resource in deciding on a church to attend, the church website becomes the first usher or greeter most people will see. We want every FWB church to make a great first impression and we want to send as many people as possible to a Bible-believing Free Will Baptist church.

Special Thanks

To Dr. Greg Hollifield for his practical advice. Some of our preacher friends may be interested in Greg's books amazon.com/author/gregoryhollifield

About us

It's a family thing. Mark, Luke, Tabetha, and Matthew Gedeon are experienced web designers and developers. They are all involved in ministry in their local Free Will Baptist Churches.

We have several church and ministry sites that we developed and maintain. Our portfolio is at web.kdari.com/portfolio

Please Note:
The founders of FWBChurch.com are each individually members and strong supporters of churches in the National Association of Free Will Baptists, but FWBChurch.com is an independent organization and we cannot speak on behalf of any church or association of churches.

If you want to learn more about the National Association of Free Will Baptists, its beliefs, practices, programs and ministries, please visit nafwb.org.

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Use our form above to tell us what you think.