A Website for Every Free Will Baptist Church

The Vision.

We help Free Will Baptist churches have a presence on the internet. We help you proclaim the Gospel in your community and across the world.

Thanks to the generosity of many free will baptists, including many in our own business, we able to offer single-page sites with your pictures and social media links, and host it for a year. See some examples: Martin Hill, Burgess Creek, Iuka

Single-page site includes:

Our WordPress theme

  • A splash banner across the top unless you have an image in high resolution (that you have copyrights to) that you want to use.
  • A fwbchuch.com domain name
  • Your information: i.e. location, contact information, times of service, slogan; a brief sentence or two about you.
  • Links to your location on Google maps
  • Links to Facebook and other social media
  • A contact form
  • Posting of up to 4 images

If you are looking for more… we can build anything you need. Let us know.

Why we do

Why are we doing this?

We are Free Will Baptist

We travel and visit Free Will Baptist churches frequently. We’ve always been welcomed by the people in these churches and have had wonderful experiences worshipping with people from other states! Since most people don’t carry around a Free Will Baptist Directory, the most efficient way to get new visitors to your church is to have a good web presence. With a basic website, your church is just a few keystrokes away from connecting with new people!

It’s not the future; it’s the present

With over 70% of Americans going to the internet first or using it as a major resource in deciding on a church to attend, the church website becomes the first usher or greeter most people will see. We want every FWB church to make a great first impression and we want to send as many people as possible to a Bible-believing Free Will Baptist church.


Frequently asked.

Is it really $150?

Yes. We provide a single page site and hosting for a year. It includes a picture of the church, pastor, service times, address, link to social media and map. You provide the content and we build the site.

What about the previous free offer?

We will continue to update those previously built free sites as new information is given to us. We would encourage churches to consider the $150 offer and get the new design.
For any FWB church that needs a site, we will build one for free.

What if I already have a domain name?

We charge a small one-time fee ($50) to point your domain name over to the new site.
We recommend you let us manage your domain. This keeps the annual renewal fee down. It also provides security and lessens the possibility that it will be lost.

So what will my domain name be?

Unless you purchase a unique domain name, and we can help you with that, it will be “[churchname].fwbchurch.com.” You can be creative. For instance, Dunbar Chapel went with DC.fwbchurch.com.
The fwbchurch.com domain name was purchased by the Gedeon family and is offered free to FWB churches.

What do I need to do?

You can provide:

  • Pictures of smiling faces
  • Testimonies of what God is doing among you
  • Notifications when you change pastors or other key leaders
  • Changes to contact information or hours
What if I need additional pages and features?

Prices can vary significantly depending on the size of your project. We handle small and large projects. Contact us and let us know what your needs are.


It’s a Family Thing

Three generations of Gedeons are experienced web designers and developers. They are all involved in ministry in their local Free Will Baptist Churches.

If you are as excited about this ministry as we are, we would love to hear from you.


Contact Us

Support Us

We aren’t asking strangers to help fund this project. We are asking Free Will Baptist individuals and churches. This is a ministry by Free Will Baptists, for Free Will Baptists.
Will you support us as we develop and maintain this outreach tool for all of our churches? By clicking on the donate button, you can give a one time gift or set up a “subscription” for monthly giving.


    Who do you know?

    Do you know an individual, church or business that needs a website? Send them to web.kdari.com

    Connection but not Connected

    The founders of FWBChurch.com are each individual members and strong supporters of churches in the National Association of Free Will Baptists, but FWBChurch.com is an independent organization and we cannot speak on behalf of any church or association of churches.

    If you want to learn more about the National Association of Free Will Baptists, its beliefs, practices, programs, and ministries, please visit NAFWB.org.

    True Story

    I received an email asking if the community could use the church parking lot for a memorial service for a little girl who was run over in the street nearby. I replied that I would check on it and get back.

    Strange email considering I’m not pastoring a church in the mid-west where this FWB church was located. What had happened is that some time ago I built a website for a church that didn’t have a pastor. In the coding of the contact form on the site, I had the email come to me with the site details.

    I (Mark) contacted that state’s Promotional Director and found a contact for the church. I called him and gave him the woman’s information and made a suggestion that the church make every effort to give out water bottles or coffee, ask people if it would be ok to pray for them, and show some love to those grieving.

    With a web presence, you may find your neighbor is at your internet door asking for something simple and you can minister to those in need. Use the contact form above and tell us your story.